Travel Designer Vs Travel Agent

Travel Designer Vs Travel Agent

TRAVEL is the only thing you buy That makes you richer .

Travel is more than leaving home- It is our chance to bounce off our homes and explore what other places got to offer. Did you know-

  • Travel makes you smart
  • Gives you an opportunity to Socialize and know more about cultures around the world.
  • Lets you bask in the Sun’s Glory.
  • Broadens your horizon and allows you to see beyond the limited horizons.
  • Improves you as a person by boosting your confidence and communication skills.
  • Creates memories for you to take home for lifetime.

So travel can really open you to the world; the next question is how do you travel? Reaching out to travel agents so that they can book your hotels, tours and all but have you ever thought of reaching to a travel designers? Or do you know that travel agents and designers are different?…. No! Its ok, Below I have prepared a guide for you which will help you to decide where to reach out for your next travel plan. General difference between a travel designer and travel agent is deep personal relationship between the professional and the client.

Travel Agent

Travel Agents help individuals, groups, and business travellers plan and organize their travel schedules, from purchasing tour packages to booking flights and hotels. They are familiar with the process and skilled to reply to customer queries in a timely manner. Here’s a list of common tasks Travel Agents achieve while delivering the travel plans: –

  • They provide clients with information about their trip (e.g. flight schedules and accommodation options, transportation, and all related costs), as well as general information about their destinations.
  • They work on client requests within the defined borders of the client and rarely go extra mile to deliver an exceptional holiday. In other words they follow the guidelines strictly.
  • They plan and organize vacation trips for individuals, families, or groups, overseeing all details including flights, hotels or accommodations, means of transportation, and activities:
  • They stick to selling travel and vacation packages to their clients designed by hotels or cruise lines.
Travel Designer Designing the journey

Travel Designers

Travel Designer is very close to a travel agent but they are professionally edgy! Crafting the perfect experience for your next holiday is a full-time job they believe!!!. Finding the hotels, seeking out the best activities, learning about all restaurants tucked away on side streets that serve the most mouth-watering local cuisine is the major part of travel ….… and this requires a professional’s touch which only travel designers can do.


A travel designer begins the planning by getting to know you as a person and your preferences so they can Plan an experience not a holiday, they know how a marriage between your personality and your preferences can deliver an exceptional journey.

It’s about building the relationship in which travel designers are expert!. Rather we should say they are perfect “Match-makers”. With years of experience behind them, they always come up with some exotic options in your budget. Travel designers work for you exclusively handling each client as a VIP. Here are some more points where they stand as designers: –

  • Travel Designers pride themselves on their distinctive tastes and they work in niche market segment. They might recommend lesser known boutique hotels, even destinations, that don’t necessarily have the instantly recognizable label/brand appeal. Most chosen properties are based on their experiences. These are not easy to book as they are either not selling online or are dream getaways.
  • Travel Designers typically work with the niche end of the market, dealing with clients who are looking for comprehensive travel planning and guidance. They work with you to plan your travel as an experience and not as an itinerary. They prefer to offer out of box travel plans.
  • They develop long-term travel plans based on ages of kids, budget, wish list of destinations, experiences, etc.
  • They are for people who want the more than tick boxes from their journey and are travelers not tourists.
  • Travel designers work in a controlled ecosystem where they bring together ultimate players in the market and use their own expertise to design the quality experience which offers seamless client satisfaction.
  • Travel Designers will go the extra mile for their clients being professionally edgy.

It sounds like a travel designer is a more millennial trend in travel. So if you have any upcoming plans for exploring the destinations….here we are!!!.


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